So You Want To Make Big Money In Casinos

So You Want To Make Big Money In Casinos

So you want to make big money in casinos ?

Various blogs allegedly teach you how to make big bucks at gambling. I will teach you how not to lose any.

While expatiating upon winning strategies, many self-proclaimed pro-gamblers may give you the illusion that there are easy and mathematical ways to beat casinos at their own games. Some of them even try to sell you such methods ! However, you often hear of a desperate soul throwing himself out of a window because of heavy losses, but you rarely meet people who do make money out of the system. The fact is, most players claiming they have a winning method do sincerely believe so, but their logic is flawed. In order to stimulate your critical mind, I submit to you the following (essentially) erroneous method. You can give it a try with your own money if you wish, although I strongly warn you against this idea !

The pseudo-method has to do with the game of roulette. In this game, essentially, you have to choose between two colors: black or red. Your odds to get either color are 18 out of 37, for there is a green slot in the game. Put in a nutshell, you have roughly a little less than 50% of chances to guess right (which guarantees that, on the long run, the casino will invariably profit by offering a game with an even more staggering house edge). Every time you guess right, you win the same amount as you bet.Otherwise, you lose your bet.

Now imagine you’ve got a decent amount of money to gamble with. You may want to bet $100 on the red color. If you win, you quit and you come back home with an extra $100. If you lose, you bet again, but this time you double your bets: $200. This guarantees you, if you again lose, a total of $300, which is what you bet in the first place.

Reasonably, you know that it shouldn’t take you too many tries to win if you have a fairly good sum of money. So you bet once again, this time with $400, and you win this time. You have now gotten your initial $100 back plus an additional $400. This guarantees you, if you continue, to win at least an additional $600.

But casinos are experts at creating an allure towards the highest bets. They do this by offering more and more bets with better odds, greater payouts, and more ways to participate in the games. One of these ways is to buy in for even more money.

That extra $400 buys you extra rolls of roulette, which means you can play roulette continuously for 600 (!!!) hours, through the course of a year, before you need to quit. Of course, you also stand to lose any winnings you might have earned during that time.

The age-old question: “Can I win at this?” is inevitably asked. And, usually, the first response offered is, “Yes, you can, but it takes a lot of time and effort.” Other more typical answers include: “It depends.” “It’s impossible.” “You can’t.”

All of these answers pretty much sum up the boredom trap. The gambler is always waiting for some kind of miracle to happen for him to increase his bets and hopefully win. And his losses are always minor compared to the sums of money he is staking at the time.

A different kind of lottery game

Of course, a different lottery game altogether is the bingo games. In these games, the player is at least encouraged to increase his stakes in the hope of winning a life-changing amount of money. Yet, based on the offerings at the site, it can be seen that most players simply ante up with their normal bets and call it a day, enjoying the bonus.

When playing bingo games, the advice is to ante up with the maximum amount of money. In other words, if your online playing site allows you to start with $250, then, no matter what, you should put in $250.

The message being that the bonus will make up for your initial deposits, thus, you don’t really need to invest any more money in your bingo games. The prospect of winning a life-changing amount of money is so attractive that bets are placed without thinking of the exact amount of money involved in the bets. Most players know that they will almost never win the jackpot, so when they lose, it’s alright to quit playing and come back for the next game, even if the next one may be even lower.

If you get lucky, you can start playing with even more money. Many online bingo sites even offer second chances to win the game, so you can play as much as you like.