Gambling For a Living to Beat the Recession

Gambling For a Living to Beat the Recession

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Many people earn a lot of money gambling, but the most lucrative area is betting on horse racing. People earn a lot of money by betting on horses to win. This could be the easiest extra income you have online.

Change in your environment

If you are used to working during the day, perhaps on the phone, then changing to working at night will work best for you. If you love being up and about, perhaps you could work from home. Whatever your reason for working from home, if you are up at 3am or need to make it back home in time for the Boxing Day football, you can do so from any location you want at home.

No distractions

Are you a perfectionist? Craps players love the game, but most beat themselves up over the failure to shoot a three on the come out roll. They spend the majority of their time thinking about how they will beat the come out roll, rather than actually playing the game. Where can you remove distractions? Do not think of basketball or football, or anything else, just think about the lottery.

Your home life

If you have a quiet home life, with no kids or homework, you can easily work at home. You may have a girlfriend or spouse work at home who likes your company, but can you get up and leave? If you have a wife or significant other, it would be best to have a job with your significant other, that way you can still watch your favorite shows and sports.

Now, if you are the kind of person who does not pace the world, or whose home life is rather hectic, you can perfect your home based casino playing. You can get the taverna sauce, the chips and the dip, and serve up your own haystack. In this way, you can save your own money for gambling, and have more time for your family.

Competitor in the game

You may be a competition junkie, and the casino world is the perfect place to let it show. In the casino world, it is a sign of class to flaunt your gambling bankroll. In addition, it will earn you respect when you are lounging at the losing end of the gaming table, rather than at the winning end.

The world of gambling

A casino world where you can run into legends such as Stuey Unger, the Wild West town sheriff of the same name, known as the King of the Bots, and Little creation known as the Dice Man. All this names suggest a world of gambling where there is always the possibility of a dramatic turn of the card.

Of course, not all players end up at the table at the same time. There is always the possibility of a run on the table as folks try to beat the clock and each other out of the game. As far as streaks are concerned, the most persistent streak is the one that begins when folks start winning and ends with them breaking even or going back to losing. This is a natural reaction to the very life and death of a game known as Keno. So, it is with you, if you like a little boom and bust, Keno is the game for you.

Other ways to win

Besides the many ways stated above, there are other ways to play the game of Keno. The casino world offers many weekly specials and the like, and it is possible to play them from a mobile Phone. For instance, underneath the City Life is a weekly 25 dollar contest. The contestants each play a different game of Keno using $1 deposit bonuses and $1 and $5 welcome bonuses. The person who ends up having the most money at the end of the week wins a $500 bonus, a freedom vacation and up to $1,000 a week! This element of the game, along with the 50 cent drawings that some casinos offer, give it more of a feeling of a real casino, rather than a parlor game.

Payouts are frequently quoted in the news as being in the area of $1,000,000, but the best is usually over $2,000,000. Of course, there are larger amounts available to win too, such as $10,000, but the harder ones to win are the ones associated with the actual amount of money. Serious gamblers know that it is not about how much money you have, but rather how much you can win, so they stick to the larger amount contests.

Another good news aspect of the game is that the progressive jackpot increases for each game played. Currently, there is a $15 million dollar jackpot, but the odds are over 1-in-195-million, which is quite good. The jackpot is increased by the percentage of the highest amount bet, not the amount of the bet.